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Tantric Massages


Tantric Massages


In Tantra, the coupling is used to overcome sensory awareness. The goal is not to have a fun, more or less intense, but rather to use pleasure as a vector to wake psychophysical energy: Kundalini and direct it to a higher level of consciousness.

Unlike other massage techniques, the latter does not have any fixed standards. At once enveloping and energizing, tantric massage is to link all parts of the body and touches on the 7 Chakras.

The movements of kneading, light pressure, especially stroking are soft and slow, to the point that it is difficult to track mentally.
The idea is to introduce into the body a shudder, vibration, which makes any thinking hard.

There are unfortunately many misconceptions about tantric massage. This is neither a form of sexual service nor a treatment to correct the sexual organs.
Tantric Massage is a healing treatment. It is one of the rituals taught in esoteric sacred books, “the Tantra” and influenced by Indian and Chinese traditions for millennia.
It focuses on stimulating nerve points. The whole body is involved in the massage ; both legs, arms, the torso, the back and sexual area.
Throughout the massage, breathing plays a vital role, it must be deep and conscious. This will unlock certain refrained emotions and allow to access the pleasure of the sense of touch.

Tantric massage helps to fight certain diseases; it helps women who have problems with their menstrual cycle as well as the discomfort of menopause. It also helps those who have difficulties to conceive a child.

Tantric massage also helps to teach men how to become continent and thus know how to control their ejaculation. It can also help those with sexual performance slowed.

Massage helps to avoid pills of any kind by going directly to the source of the problem, treating the body itself.


duration 2 hours


duration 2h30